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  • The Interchurch Family Triptych

    This picture was painted for the Association of Interchurch Families in 1998 by one of the sisters of the Benedictine Community at Turvey in Bedfordshire, Sister Regina. Originally painted in oil on wood……

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Couples in which each of the partners belongs to a different Christian denomination are often referred to as Interchurch Families, and sometimes have needless difficulties through lack of up-to-date information.  There have been enormous advances in the approach, and even the rules, of our churches in recent years.

Getting Married

Getting Married

Congratulations! Many people marry someone from a different church – you may need to fill in a few more forms than other engaged couples, but it’s really not something to worry about.

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For Members

Members of the Association of Interchurch Families can sign in to the “Members Only” pages.

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Sharing the journey group

For Clergy & Ministers

The Association of Interchurch Families has a wealth of information for all those concerned with the pastoral welfare of interchurch families. It also ensures that the churches remain aware, at all levels, of the pastoral needs of these families.

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Got a problem?

Got a Problem?

Sometimes people in an interchurch relationship can face particular challenges. Find out about some of the issues that some interchurch couples face

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