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Prayer Calendar: February 2019 to September 2019

Download our calendar which has a prayer for every month.

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Compiled by Helen and Richard Connell


Psalm 24 (NIV version)

Please pray for Ray Temmerman as he works on the project to discover how many people marrying in Canada are from two church families.



Romans 1:1-17

Please pray for the AIF London meeting as we discuss the WCC document ‘The Church Towards a Common Vision’



Luke 22:14-20

In a scarred divided situation, please pray this month for Interchurch Families in the USA that they may be a source of reconciliation.



Proverbs 3:5

Pray for the UK and its new relationship with Europe.



Deuteronomy 31:6

Please pray for the issues around Climate Change and what we can do as families to influence change.



Philippians 1:5-6

God of past, present and future, be the light to guide our journeys, which illuminates our understanding, and which shines as a beacon of hope for others. (From Roots for Churches 2018)



Psalm 25:1-10

Look out for, rejoice in, and actively support a sign of God’s coming kingdom as revealed in ordinary actions done to extraordinary effect in your community.



John 1:14

As the new term begins please pray for students starting or returning to education and also this month for the preparations for the 2019 AIF weekend in October.