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Seeking God Together

The experience of Spirituality in Interchurch Families

Christian spirituality in this context is understood as the way we respond to the presence of God in every aspect of our lives.

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Spirituality for Interchurch Families

A mission statement about interchurch family spirituality prepared by the Association of Interchurch Families at the request of the Co-ordinating Group for Spirituality of Churches Together in England, February 1997.

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Personal Reflections on Interchurch Spirituality

The thoughts of an English Anglican husband and a French Roman Catholic wife.

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Double Belonging

“Double belonging” is a term which has been used by some interchurch couples and families to describe their lived experience in their marriage and family life. We use it for lack of a better one. Here a Roman Catholic wife from Cornwall explains what “double belonging” has meant for her family.

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