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Getting Married

Mixed Marriages and Interchurch Families

Reprinted from Interchurch Families newsletter no. 12, Winter 1984/85.

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A Marriage Sermon for all interchurch couples

Water into Wine

There was a wedding in Manchester. The mother of Jesus was there, and Jesus and members of his Church were guests also.

Yes, like that unknown couple at Cana in Galilee nearly 2000 years ago, Naomi and James have invited Jesus as a guest to their wedding. He is here to share in our joy as Naomi and James give themselves to each other in marriage.

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Getting Married

This article, written by the late Fr John Coventry S.J., one of the co-founders of the Association of Interchurch Families, addresses a number of general considerations that couples from different church traditions might wish to consider before getting married. In particular it discusses the “Promise” that Catholic partners are required to make when marrying someone who is not also a baptised Roman Catholic. The article was written after the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales had promulgated their Revised Directory on Mixed Marriages in April 1990.

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A Wedding in Louvain, 1964

Martin and Ruth were married in a chapel of Louvain University by a Catholic priest, assisted by an Anglican priest who also preached the sermon. Here is the text of the address, given by the Revd Donald Allchin. It was preached in 1964 in the heady period of the Second Vatican Council, but it may equally speak to all interchurch couples who have married or will marry while our churches remain divided.

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A Commentary on the Revised Directory on Mixed Marriages

(Promulgated by the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, 1990)

Whilst the Revised Directory on Mixed marriages was issued nearly a quarter of a century ago it is still the most up-to-date document on marriages between Roman Catholics and spouses who are not baptised Roman Catholics. This commentary by the then Vicar General of the Diocese of Brentwood (May 1990) is therefore useful background reading – but should be read with caution as much practice has changed since the Directory’s promulgation.

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