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Trustees and Officers


Paul Docherty OBE Chair Roman Catholic
Revd Canon Malcolm Bowers Vice chair Church of England
Liz Bebington Church of England
Margaret Minoletti United Reformed Church
Helen Mayles Roman Catholic

Officers of the Association

Doral Hayes Executive Development Officer
Sarah Holman Treasurer
Lucy Docherty Conference Co-ordinator

Executive Committee

The day-to-day running of the Association is overseen by the Board of Trustees, plus the Treasurer and the Executive Development Officer, who collectively are referred to as the Executive Committee.

Advisory Council

The Executive Committee is supported in its deliberations by a number of members who give the trustee body a broader representation of members’ views on issues of policy. However, the executive function of directing the Association remains with the trustees alone. Council members:

Helen Granger-Bevan
Rufus Ballaster
Pat Lander
Eileen Finch
Richard Finch
Keith Lander


The Association’s Presidents are:
The Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster
Bishop Tim Thornton, Bishop at Lambeth
The Free Churches Moderator, Rev. Dr Hugh Osgood
Dr Ruth Reardon (Life President)