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What is an Interchurch Family?

Couples in which each of the partners belong to a different Christian denomination are often referred to as Interchurch Families, they can sometimes also be called mixed marriages. Usually these couples are Roman Catholic or Orthodox and another Christian Church tradition.

Sometimes these families experience needless difficulties through lack of up-to-date information.  There have been enormous advances in the approach, and even the rules, of our churches in recent years.

The Association of Interchurch Families provides:

a support network and information service:

  • for partners and parents, growing children and young adults, for clergy, ministers, relatives, and all others concerned in the welfare of interchurch families;

a voice in the churches

  • by keeping the pastoral needs of interchurch families before church
    leaders and communities, at local, regional, national and international level;
  • by affirming the gifts of interchurch families and their potential as
    a catalyst for wider church unity;
  • by linking with groups of interchurch families in other parts of the world.

All these activities are rooted in prayer and worship.