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Prayer Calendar: January to June 2018

Download our calendar which has a topical prayer for every month.

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Compiled by Richard Connell


Theme: Forgiveness

God of Justice and mercy help us to pray for those who have hurt us.

For those who have abused or exploited us, bring awareness and true repentance;

For those whose words and actions have wounded or hurt us, bring wisdom and empathy,

And give us the insight to seek forgiveness whenever we hurt others. Amen



Theme: Healing

Gracious God, we bring before you everyone who needs Healing.

For those suffering in hospital or at home;

for those with mental or social problems;

for those haunted by the past;

for those plagued by loneliness or addictions;

Lord be with them in their pain. Amen



Theme: Hope

“You may want to light a candle during this prayer”

Eternal God, where trials and tribulations

have destroyed and divided, kindle the flame of hope;

Where conflict has diminished and demoralised, kindle the flame of hope;

Where confidence has been sapped and drained of life, kindle the flame of hope.

Lord, shine brightly in our lives. Amen



Theme: Peace

Lord, we lay before you the places in your beautiful world wounded by war and conflict;

“You may want to allow a period of silence here”

Where people are scarred and separated, bring peace, healing and reconciliation.

Lord, show your healing in our lives. Amen



Theme: Love   

Lord on the cross you suffered;

We pray for those needing healing in body or mind today.

Lord on the cross you forgave;

We pray for those needing forgiveness today.

Lord, on the cross you showed us Gods great love for the world.

Show your love in our lives. Amen



Theme: Belonging

Lord, thank you for welcoming us into your family;

blessing us with confidence and the joy of knowing that nothing can separate us from your love;

Lord empower us to share that joy with everyone we meet.

May your kingdom come. Amen