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Prayer Calendar: January to June 2017

Download our calendar which has a topical prayer for every month.

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Compiled by Richard Connell


Please pray for Christian Unity.

O God our Father, give light to your whole Church and give light to each one of us.

John 21:19-25



Please pray for Bangladesh

We light a light:

In the name of God who creates life

In the name of the Saviour who loves life

In the name of the Spirit who is the fire of life.

Genesis 2-3



In Lent:

O Lord Jesus Christ give us in all our lives the discipline which will enable us to walk in your footsteps and which all your followers should show.

Matthew 4:1-11



At Easter:

Lord grant us the vision and the power to turn the vision into action through Jesus Christ our Lord.

John 20:1-10



Please pray for all undertaking exams this month.

Be still and aware of God’s presence within and all around.

John 20:11-18



Please pray for Christians in Cuba

O God of heaven, you are present on earth

O God of the stars and planets you are in the midst of the city,

O God above all things, you are in the depths of our being.

Psalm 42


Prayers adapted from the following sources:

Prayers for the Christian Year by William Barclay

Celtic Treasure by J. Philip Newell