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Prayer Calendar: July to December 2017

Download our calendar which has a topical prayer for every month.

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Compiled by Richard Connell


Theme: Belonging

Glorious God, we pray for those longing to be accepted…

longing to be acknowledged…

longing to be given a second chance…

longing to be loved…

May your kingdom come and transform their longing into joy. Amen




Glorious God by your grace transform our hearts.

turn bigotry into tolerance;

closed doors into open ones;

and inspire unity where there has been division.

Make your church a home all who long for love and acceptance.

May your Kingdom Come. Amen



Theme: Courage

Lord of Gethsemane, we pray for courage for people afraid of those who govern.

for people afraid of those they work with;

for people afraid of those they live with;

We pray for courage for every fearful heart. Amen




God of our universe, as we journey, bless us with knowledge and wisdom;

as we pioneer new treatments, develop social media and live  side  by side,

bless us with your love, that your kingdom may come, and your will be done. Amen





To those whose faith has grown stale, we pay for the joy of freshness;

To those separated from family and friends, we pray for the joy of reunion;

To those who are unemployed, we pray for the joy of work;

To all people in all places, we pray for the joy of knowing Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Amen




Theme: Compassion

We give thanks for people who help those who are struggling, bringing your love and healing into their lives.

We thank God for all the acts of spontaneous generosity shown to those affected by acts of terrorism,

remembering particularly the traumas in Manchester and London this year.

God, who desires wholeness for everyone, strengthen, enable and inspire us to show compassion in and through our daily lives. Amen


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