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Tablet correspondence on Eucharistic sharing in interchurch families

Subscribers to The Tablet will have seen the editorial on 12th November entitled ‘Bread of Life is Food for Unity’, raising the issue of Eucharistic sharing in interchurch families and referring to the 1998 teaching document of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales One Bread One Body.

Following this editorial a correspondence has developed. Several members of AIF, amongst others, have given examples from real family life, expressing the pain they have felt in only being able to share communion on rare occasions, and their hopes that there will be a development in the application of the norms.

On 26th November and 3rd December The Tablet chose to make the issue ‘Topic of the Week’ under the headings of ‘Sharing the Bread of Life’ and ‘Separate tables’.

It is encouraging to see so much interest in this issue at this time.

Please see some of the letters from the 19th and 26th November together with the original editorial and another piece from The Tablet archive that was published on the 10th December 2016. These articles are all kindly published with the permission of  The Tablet: The International Catholic News Weekly. Reproduced with permission of the Publisher.